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This Staff Development Policy is intended to ensure that each member of staff and associate has the opportunity to reach his/her full potential both for individual and corporate benefit. This will ensure that each staff develops both professionally and personally as an individual.


We aim to ensure that each member of staff:

  • has a negotiated job description/terms of reference, reviewed annually with targets identified;
  • has the opportunity to develop skills in self-evaluation;
  • receives suitable and appropriate training in line with Centre policies;
  • has the opportunity to observe colleagues’ good professional practices;
  • receives support as and when required;
  • has appropriate and comfortable working conditions;
  • has the opportunity to participate in the policy making of the centre;
  • takes part in the appraisal process;
  • has the opportunity to lead groups to develop management skills;
  • has an entitlement to an agreed grievance procedure;
  • (staff) has their salary reviewed annually and allowances are written down following the review; (Associate- freelance staff) has agreed fees/expenses clearly set out.
  • To help staff to maintain and update their knowledge and skills and are aware of changes in new sector area.

Purpose of The Policy

The main purpose of the policy is to give priority to staff personal and professional development within equal opportunities framework and available resources. The development process will not only support statutory and individual training needs but also the organisational development needs identified. It will also ensure the following;

  • All staffs have appropriate, knowledge competencies for service delivery.
  • The workforce is appropriately trained to meet the needs of service requirements and
  • Staff commitment is encouraged through training and support, which enhances their skills and competencies.
  • To foster a motivated workforce who continually improve their performance, self-development and quality of service delivery.

The Development Process

Training and development requires resources and commitment and The Centre feels that it is important to properly identify needs and to select carefully the most appropriate development intervention for example coaching, mentoring, on-job training and self-directed learning.

Equal Opportunities

All staff/Associates will receive equitable entitlement irrespective of age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.