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Ideally learners will be registered by the relevant member of staff at commencement of the course; however, this is not possible, and learners should be registered on the relevant qualification and/or unit(s) thereafter. It is important to ensure learners are committed and this can only be established when the learner have further progresses onto their chosen qualification.

At our centre, learner registration is taken very seriously and only learners who have a commitment and willingness to complete the course shall be registered.

Learners will be registered with the relevant awarding body;

  • Learner Application form has been checked and confirmed details are correct.
  • Necessary course fees payment has been received.
  • Learner has progress 75% into the course of study.
  • Learners are committed to complete the qualification.
  • No concern has been raised by the tutors, academic support staffs, or Administrative staffs.


All certificates claimed is done by an authorised member of staff after all assessment and verification has been completed accordingly.

The centre also ensures that unit certificate is available to learners who have fully completed any unit(s). This is in accordance with the awarding body requirements.

All certificates will be checked against the candidates details and as per the assessment and verification records before issued to the candidates.

Any inaccurate, will be investigated as per the Malpractice policy.

Portfolio and Evidence of course work.

We acknowledge that the candidates’ course work and portfolio of evidence is their own property.

Learners course work or portfolio of evidence will only be kept for the external quality assurance visits as required by awarding bodies. The number of portfolios/candidate evidence to be retained for quality assurance monitoring is determined by the awarding body. It varies depending on the random sample selected by the awarding body. In this case, as a centre we will only retain what is required by the awarding body for the external moderation. The Summary of Achievement form will be kept as record of completion of the qualification once the external verification has been completed.

As soon as the external quality assurance is carried out, the retained course work/portfolio of evidence is returned to the candidates.

Any course work on our online portals (Canvas or other) will be deleted within 15 working days of certification completion. It is the candidates’ responsibility to back up any information, coursework, feedback, materials and evidence which they feel important.

In certain situation where the learner has not collected their physical paperbase portfolio, it will be destroyed after 6 months of certification.