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We aim to ensure that Assessors (who are mainly self-employed and not based at the college) are fully equipped to carry out their role by ensuring that their induction includes:

• The qualification requirements of the framework(s) against which you will be assessing.
• The college quality assurance policy and procedures.
• The records that we require you to complete.
• Introduction to your Internal Verifier, Centre Co-ordinator and Administrator.
• Confirmation of your understanding of the philosophy of competence-based assessment and administrative procedures for invoicing etc.

The Centre Co-ordinator will ensure that you are provided with a copy of all the policies that relate to college registration as the centre delivers accredited qualification with respective awarding bodies.

You are required to maintain Continuing Professional Development. This will be discussed with you at regular intervals and we will support and encourage you to update your skills and knowledge as an assessor/verifier in the area of competence in which you will be assessing.

We will organise regular assessor team meetings to ensure sharing of best practice, standardisation of assessments, discussion of issues raised by assessors and identification of any training needs.

Members of the team and the Centre Co-ordinator will maintain regular informal contact via email and telephone.


Our Assessors share best practice and work with organisations of all sizes and in all sectors to provide business advice, guidance and information. Their CVs and Assessor certificates are available for inspection. All assessors maintain a record of CPD and attend regular practitioner meetings to share good practice, keep up to date with business issues and those relating to workforce and management development.

In line with awarding body guidelines, assessors are responsible and accountable for:

• Interpreting qualification requirements
• Carrying out candidate induction and initial assessments
• Ensuring candidates are aware of their own responsibility in the assessment process
• Assessing prior achievement (where applicable)
• Identifying opportunities for the candidate to demonstrate competence and collect evidence
• Negotiating individual action/assessment plans with the candidate
• Identifying with the candidate, valid and sufficient evidence for the qualification
• Ensuring authenticity of the candidate’s evidence
• Judging candidate’s evidence over a period of time using a range of assessment methods.
• Making objective assessment decisions and providing constructive feedback to the candidate
• Ensuring fair assessment and equality of opportunity for the candidate within the assessment process
• Maintaining assessor records of the candidate’s progress and achievement
• Reviewing and recording progress and achievements with the candidate
• Meeting regularly with other assessors, internal verifier(s) and the Centre co-ordinator
• Meeting regularly with the internal verifier and the external verifier and/or visiting moderators as requested to discuss assessment decisions


One of the Internal Verifiers will act as the lead verifier and provides internal verification for all members of the College assessment and verification team.


• Ensuring that assessors are trained in the theory and practice of competence-based vocational qualifications
• Providing support and advice to assessors and other staff involved with the candidate’s development
• Agreeing with assessors’ appropriate evidence and assessment methods for the qualification requirements
• Ensuring that assessors are applying qualification requirements by sampling assessment and internally verifying assessment decisions
• Providing prompt feedback to assessors
• Attending regular team/standardisation meetings
• Taking part in standardisation exercises to ensure consistency of own practice and judgment with other internal verifier(s)
• Contributing to the evaluation of assessment and verification procedures
• Monitoring and reviewing candidates’ achievement in relation to access to fair assessment
• Arranging checking and countersigning process
• Ensuring that the recording of achievement and countersigning of recording documents is carried out accurately
• Completing and signing the Certification Record Forms prior to submission to the awarding body
• Providing feedback to the external verifier on the effectiveness of assessment
• Ensuring there is an effective communication system across the centre
• Standardisation of assessment and verification activities
• Deals with disputes or appeals in line with the policies and procedures


* Allocates assessor duties
* Organises regular team/standardisation meetings and maintains meeting records
* Keeps accurate records of assessment and internal verification ensuring that

  •  Assessors use appropriate documents agreed with the external verifier/visiting moderator
  •  Documentation and administrative systems are fit for purpose
  • Candidate registration records and certification requests meet awarding body’s requirements
  • Internal verification activities are recorded.

* Liaises with the external verifier/visiting moderator, which involves

  • Co-ordinating and managing Centre visit requirements
  • Clarifying awarding body’s requirements
  • Discussing the qualification requirements
  • Obtaining and disseminating awarding body updates and guidance
  • Agreeing relevant action plans

* Ensures that the Centre’s Quality Assurance policy and procedures are consistently implemented.

For any other staff, the job description will be used for the basis of the induction process