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The purpose of this procedure is to ensure fairness and speed in the handling of individual/s’ problems or concerns about their work, working environment or working relationships. It is to be used to raise issues and concerns and deal with them before they develop into major problems.


Most routine complaints and grievances will be resolved informally in discussion with the individual’s immediate line manager to ensure a speedy resolution of the problems. Where the grievance cannot be resolved informally it will be dealt with under the grievance procedure.

Raising a Grievance

The individual will submit their grievance in writing to their immediate line manager. Where the grievance is against the line manager the matter should be raised with a more senior official of the organisation.

Hearing a Grievance

If the grievance is contested the individual will be invited to attend a hearing in order to discuss the grievance. The individual has the right to be accompanied by a colleague at the hearing.

Replying to a Grievance

The manager will respond to a grievance in writing within five working days of the hearing. Where a hearing has not taken place, the manager will write to the individual within seven working days of receipt of the grievance.

Unresolved Grievance

If the matter cannot be resolved, the individual will raise the grievance with a nominated official of the organisation not previously involved in the grievance.

The individual will be informed of the arrangements for the grievance to be heard and their right to be accompanied by another member of staff. The individual will be informed of the decision on the grievance as soon as possible after the hearing and this will be confirmed in writing within five working days.