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The centre is and wishes to be seen by all as being honest and opposed to fraud in the way it conducts its business. To ensure that this policy is applied with any other relevant polices. It is critical that we operate to safeguard the interest of the organisation and any other stakeholders who are direct or indirectly working with us. We also endeavour to make best use of our finance and to offer a service which represents good value for money.

We communicate this commitment to all those who work with us and firmly their participation to uphold this policy. Therefore, we made them aware of aware of the risk of and means of enforcing the rules against fraud and other illegal acts involving dishonesty or damage to property as far as reasonably as possible. For simplicity all such offences are hereafter referred to as “fraud”. This document sets out the Policy for detected or suspected fraud.

We are committed to be honest and promote a high standards of professional conduct within our organisation. We promote a culture for the prevention of fraud, malpractice and any such activity which is considered unprofessional. We encourage anyone who has a suspicion of fraud to report them in line with our policies.

Broadly these can constitute as fraud but not limited to;

Fraud is the intentional distortion of financial or other records by persons internal or external to the organisation which is carried out to conceal misappropriation of assets or otherwise for gain.

The term is used to describe such acts as fraudulent practice, dishonest activity, corruption, deception, inappropriate collusion, bribery, manipulation or appropriation of goods, money or services. The possibilities of fraud are limitless, but for the purposes of this policy, fraud shall include but not be limited to:

  • Theft or misappropriation of assets.
  • Submitting false claims for payments or reimbursement.
  • Accepting or offering a bribe or accepting gifts or other favors under circumstances that might influence an employee’s decision-making while serving the centre.
  • Black-mail or extortion.
  • Paying of excessive prices or fees where justification thereof is not documented.
  • Violation of the our procedures with the aim of personal gain or to the detriment of the centre.
  • Wilful negligence intended to cause damage to the material interest of the centre.
  • A dishonourable or irresponsible or deliberate act against the interests of the Centre.

All staff members at all levels are responsible for exercising due diligence and control to prevent, detect and report acts of fraud as far as possible.

The Directors and other staffs are responsible for:

  • developing and maintaining effective controls to prevent fraud;
  • carrying out vigorous and prompt investigations if fraud occurs;
  • taking appropriate legal and/or disciplinary action against perpetrators of fraud.
  • identifying and assessing risks to organisation;
  • developing and maintaining effective controls measures to prevent and detect fraud;
  • ensuring that controls measures are effectively applied and are revised.


It is the responsibility of all staff to report any suspicions of fraud without delay. Persons who cover up, obstruct or fail to report may be subjected to disciplinary action.

It is stressed that under no circumstances should members of staff speak or write to anyone including representatives of the press, TV, radio or to another third party about the suspected fraud. Any concern must first be raised internally and follow the right procedures.

Any concerns raise and subsequent investigation including outcome will be recorded accordingly.

Where the centre has suffered a loss, effort will be made to ensure any possible recovery.

Where disciplinary action is considered appropriate this will be applied accordingly.

Conflict of Interest

Any staff will have to declare any situation which represents a conflict of interest. This will be considered by senior management and appropriate action will be taken.