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  • The centre treats all people with equal respect and consideration. We strive to ensure that this attitude is embodied in the way we provide our services, in our employment and recruitment practices and in the way we work with associates, learners and partners. We expect everyone who works with and for us to support us in this. Attached is a equal opportunity monitoring form.
  • Individuals, both employed and self-employed, are considered for jobs, contracts, development and promotion solely on the basis of their ability to do the job – regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.
  • Our policies and procedures provide for you to complain, should you feel that you have not received fair and equal treatment. Any such complaint will be promptly and thoroughly investigated and answered.
  • Sexual, victimisation, racial, other form of harassment or discrimination, including bullying, will not be tolerated. Prompt action will be taken which will include disciplinary action where appropriate.


  • The centre works towards a fair and just personal and professional development and training sector, where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential including staff and learners.
  • A sector where no one is excluded and where we respect each other and our differences. We must work together to make the changes needed to achieve this. We must remove the causes of discrimination and prejudice.
  • We must strengthen and build on what is positive and inclusive. We are pledged to work together with people and organisations across the sector to end discrimination and prejudice. We are committed to promoting equal opportunities for all.

Our commitment

We believe that we must work together to achieve change. Many local authorities, public and voluntary organisations, businesses and individuals are already committed to equality. They have made real progress in taking things forward. There is still a great deal more to do. This policy will be use in our daily activities including recruitment, selection, training, promotion, discipline and dismissal. The manager and/or director will be the main person responsible for the successful implementation of the policy.

We will work together with a wide range of organisations and bodies, sharing information and enthusiasm, to build a real partnership for change.

We must all make every effort possible to influence and encourage changes in attitudes and fictional beliefs. This is a good basis for making sure that improvements are made.

This policy with be used together with other policies and procedures.

Comply with the Equality Act 2010 and subsequent amendments.

According to the Equality Act there are seven clear characteristic which are protected, and these are as follows:

Gender Reassignment

It is discriminatory to treat people who propose to start to or have completed a process to change their genderless favorably, for example, because they are absent from work for this reason.

Marriage & Civil Partnership

The Act continues to protect employees who are married or in a civil partnership. Single people are however not protected by the legislation against discrimination.

Pregnancy & Maternity

The Act continues to protect women against discrimination because they are pregnant or have given birth.


The Act continues to protect people against discrimination on the grounds of their race, which includes colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin.

Religion or Belief

The Act continues to protect people against discrimination on the grounds of their religion or their belief, including a lack of any belief.


The Act continues to protect both men and women against discrimination on the grounds of their sex, for example paying women less than men for doing the same job.

Sexual Orientation

The Act continues to protect bisexual, gay, heterosexual, and lesbian people from discrimination on the grounds of their sexual orientation.


We are determined to make the Training and Development sector an area of service where everyone matters. Discrimination and prejudice have no place in today’s world. There is no room for excluding people. We need to work together, to pool our skills and talents. We need to have respect for each other.
In this way, we will make all our communities stronger. We will deliver a better deal for all the members of our communities that we serve.