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Sustainability Policy

As an organisation we are committed to acting in a socially responsible manner with a view to reduce our environmental impacts. We promote sustainability among our staffs, stakeholders, communities and suppliers as far as possible.


• As far as reasonably possible and where applicable we try to reduce the need for our staff to travel by supporting alternative working arrangements, including home working and promote the use of public transport by locating our workplaces in accessible locations.
• We use video conferencing where possible in order to reduce mileage and transport.

Local Economy

• Wherever practical we order from local companies and suppliers to reduce travel needs and stimulate the local economy.


• Wherever possible we engaged in recruiting locally as far as possible to reduce the need to travel long distances .
• We usually advertise position using online facilities and media to reduce the consumption of paper. We encourage digital submission of applications forms and other required details.


• We engage in good housekeeping which promotes the efficient use of energy and reduce wastage.
• We promote the to identify opportunities to reduce waste.
• Offer staffs a waste reduction awareness session to stimulate and promote our policy.
• We order from supplies who can recycle old equipment and consumables.
• As an organisation we are open to ideas and thoughts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to deliver its services minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

The key points of its strategy to achieve this are:

• Minimise waste by re-using for example paper envelops, plastic sleeves and other stationeries.
• Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.
• Source and promote our services to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
• Meet the environmental legislation that relates to the Company
• Increase staff awareness of environmental issues and engage their support in improving the Company’s performance.
• Encourage the adoption of similar principles by its suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.
• Reduce the amount of paper consume by using duplex printing, reduce unnecessary printing and using digital storage as far as possible.
• Switching off all unused electrical appliances.
• Recycling any unused or faulty equipment.
• Maximising the use of IT and minimising the need for paper especially when transferring files and email as opposed to tradition paper base communication.
• Participate in the World Environment Day every 05th of June.

Environmental Management

In order to put this environmental policy into action, we will:

• Promote understanding throughout the organisation that our values and core objectives require us to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.
• Develop strategies that minimise the impact, working in partnership with others to do so, for example sharing of information and date in electronic format as far as possible.
• Contribute to the development of a sustainable environment by continually improving our environmental practices and reflecting on any instances where waste has happened.
• Comply with the relevant environmental laws and regulations applicable to our organisation.