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Policy Statement

We recognise that full attendance and attention to punctuality is key to success with learners following the good example set by the staff.
Attendance and punctuality are the responsibility of all but closely monitored by the tutor, assisted by the Project manager. Where attendance and/or punctuality falls below our expectations, necessary action will be taken.
Learners are required to attend all scheduled sessions as part of our blended teaching and learning approach, and to be punctual in doing so. These include classroom sessions, one to one support, Learning Support, Tutorial, live direct observation session, professional discussion session, placement, virtual sessions and other enrichment activities. Learners who are absent are expected to undertake other schedule sessions including one to one support, further study through our VLE and other necessary activities. These activities undertaken to compensate for absences will be cumulated where appropriate to calculate the attendance percentages.
However, we also recognise that, for some of our learners, adhering to these expectations could be too demanding; therefore absences/lateness due to illness/disability, religious commitments, work and some personal circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. This should be discussed prior to the start of the course where possible.
Wherever applicable parents, guardians, supporters and carer will be kept informed.

Return To Learning

Returning to learning following a period of absence will be encouraged and supported by our institution.

  • Learners will attend a one to one Return to Learning session.
  • A review will be undertaken, and necessary action plan will be put in place. These action plans vary depending on the circumstances of the learner and for how long they have been away for.
  • The completion date may be revised in certain circumstances.

Monitoring Procedures for Students

Attendance and Punctuality

Whistle we acknowledge that a 100% attendance from each learner may not be always possible, our organisation expected learners to attend all the sessions on time.

Learners must report any absences to their teachers via telephone, text message, email and WhatsApp message whichever method is appropriate. We expect learners to communicate this much before the session starts and anyone falling below 90% will be

In certain circumstances, learners may request authorised absence by informing the course tutor. This must be done in advance of the absence and is only guaranteed on confirmation from the tutor.
We encourage all learners to attend one to one session or virtual session with their tutors to catch up with any missed sessions. Arrangements will be made between the tutor and the learner. It is the responsibility of the learner to collect necessary information and assignment deadlines following a missed session.
Learners who arrive after the start of a session will be marked as late. Late arrivals are expected to join their session, causing minimal disruption and should discuss their reason for lateness with the tutor at the next break or close of session. This will be recorded in the learner’s attendance monitoring.
If learners are later than 20 minutes, they may be refused entry to the session. Should this occur, the learner is expected to book one to one session or any other support session with their tutor to compensate the missed session. However, due to the current COVID-19 situation and lockdown more flexibility will be offered as learners may have added responsibility for child care and other caring needs. We also acknowledge that some learners may be working from home and may be required for work duties at any time. Hence, some flexibility is offered during the session if anyone is required to attend work duties.
Learners requiring leaving a session early for any reason must notify their tutor prior to the session starting.
All unreported absences will be followed up by the course tutors on a daily basis. If contact is not possible by telephone or in person, a letter will be sent to the learners’ home address.
A weekly attendance report will be prepared by the Project Manager and circulated to respective staffs. The Project manager will consult with the tutors to take necessary actions (face to face meeting, extension of course, withdrawal from the course, change of cohort and others) for learners at risk.

Unsolved attendance or Punctuality

Any unresolved attendance or punctuality issues will result in an informal meeting (Stage 1) with the learner and the tutor where the reason for non-attendance/punctuality will be investigated. Targets will be set, and any necessary support will be agreed and put in place. Targets will be monitored and reviewed by the tutor until they are met.

If attendance or punctuality targets are due to long-term illness/disability, a specific action plan will be discussed with the learner and put into place by his/her tutor and monitored by the project manager.

If the attendance/punctuality targets are not met, then a formal meeting will be requested.

Continued unacceptable levels of attendance/punctuality may result in further disciplinary action, final warnings and, if necessary, withdrawing from the course.

Unauthorised absence Procedure.

  1.  After one unauthorised absence, tutor will communicate immediately with the learner via phone, text, email and WhatsApp as deemed appropriate to establish the reason for absence and encourage the learner to attend subsequent session. Necessary action will be taken to catch up any missed session and the arrangement will be made between the tutor and learner. (week 1)
  2. After two weeks without contact, learners will be communicated through different means including phone, text, email and WhatsApp as deemed appropriate to request contact within 5 working days. (14 days)
  3.  If there is no contact within the 5 working days a formal Letter of Contact Request will be issued requesting contact to be made within 7 working days. (14 + 5= 19 days)
  4. If there is no contact within the 5 working days a formal Letter of Option will be issued requesting contact to be made within 7 working days. (19+7 = 26 days)
  5. If there is no contact within 7 days, a Letter of Apprehension will be issued to inform the learner a withdrawal action will be initiated. (26 + 7 = 33days)
  6.  A withdrawal will be processed if the learner fails to contact within 7 days, without any further notice. (33+ 7= 40 days)
  7.  A Withdrawal Confirmation Letter and an email will be sent to the learner and physical copy of all the letters and emails will be filed.

Any point in time if there is contact after previously missed request for contact, the tutor will put necessary action plan with the learner. This will be monitored, and the project manager kept informed. Furthermore, the project manager will be involved as deemed appropriate.