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1 Candidate Submit application

  • Application forms can be downloaded, posted on request or candidate pick it up from the college

  • Completed application forms can be posted and hand delivered with copies of the academic documents.

2 Check if candidate has chosen the appropriate course that will suit their requirement and if they are eligible for the one, they have opted for.

  • Advise candidate on what will be more suitable for them

  • Candidate is signposted and referred to appropriate instituton.

3 Candidate are enrolled on the course

  • Check identity

  • Make necessary payment for the course

4 Check if candidate has got any special need (Physical disability/ Learning disability)

  • Physical disability- induction will be run downstairs

  • Learning disability- one to one session

  • Ensure there is provision for the special need on induction day or when attending classes

5 Confirmation of enrolment, start time and date for induction

  • Confirmation letter of enrolment

  • Confirm induction time and date

6 Student attend induction

  • Student attend induction and thereafter classes


The following criteria must be met before an applicant can be admitted to a College course.

1.1 The applicant meets any programme of study requirements.

1.2 The applicant attends for interview where required.

1.3 The applicant agrees to pay any fees required.

1.4 There are places available on the programme of study i.e. target numbers have not yet been met.

1.5 The applicant accepts the offer of a place within 1 calendar month of receipt of the offer.

Admission to the College is conditional upon the payment, or agreed arrangements for the payment, of any fees by the due date.


2.1 All applicants must be informed of any programme of study requirements in an appropriate form and these are available on the website and in the prospectus.

2.2 All applicants must be informed that applications will be dealt with in order of receipt.

2.3 All applicants must be informed that any offer made will lapse if not accepted in one calendar month of receipt of the offer.


3.1 Applications will be dealt with in order of receipt.

3.2 Where required applicants for any (Short term or long term) programmes of study will be offered an interview and guidance. Students living abroad will not be expected to attend for interview but will be asked for documentary evidence of their qualifications.

3.3 A target number of places for each course will be determined before interviewing commences.

3.4 The Director of Training/ Learning support will be notified of all applicants indicating an individual need on their application form and will determine what course of action to take.

3.5 If during an interview it has been found that an applicant may have an individual need this should be referred to the Director of Training / Learning Support depending on the need.

3.6 A definite place will only be offered to an applicant already meeting the programme of study entry requirements.

3.7 A provisional place will be offered to an applicant who has not yet met the programme of study entry requirements.

3.8 A reserve place can be offered once the target number of places has been achieved.

3.9 Additional places might be made available, subject to approval by the Director of training if the target number has been met with firm acceptances and there are sufficient offers, reserves and applicants to warrant an additional group.

3.10 Any applicant who cannot be offered a place, due to lack of places or a failure to meet the programme of study entry requirements, should wherever possible be referred to Director of Training for guidance regarding an alternative programme of study.

3.11 Wherever possible applicants must be informed of ALL types of fees and other costs associated with the programme of study in advance of, or at the time of, the offer of a place. Actual figures should be given wherever possible, otherwise an approximation e.g. the previous year’s cost plus inflation.


4.1 If an applicant wishes to appeal against a decision he/she may do so, in writing to the Director of Training giving details of the appeal

4.2 Should an applicant be unhappy with the way in which their application has been dealt with, he/she should fellow the Complaints procedures.