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The admissions process of LPC matches with the requirements of the awarding bodies, other regulatory bodies and the admissions policy of the college. We ensure that the educational standards are met consistently and fairly.

Individuals will not be offered a place if our admissions team find that they are not suitable for their chosen course. Those who are denied admission and wish to appeal against the decision can make a formal appeal requesting that their application be reconsidered.

An appeal can be submitted when the academic credentials of the candidates have significantly changed; if they have forgotten to send relevant documentation or if the documentation sent by them may not have been received by the Admissions Team; or if they believe that there was an error in their initial application/assessment process.

An appeal may be made, either in writing to the Admissions Team with any supportive documentation or evidence or via email to admissions@londonpc.org.uk.

Submitting an Appeal

1. An appeal must be submitted within seven working days from the notification of the application refusal.

2. Individuals are permitted to submit only one appeal per admission term.

3. The submitted appeal must bear the date and the signature of the student.

4. The appeal should be clear and concise, stressing the fact what/why the individual feels that the Admissions Team missed out while assessing the application initially.

5. Any relevant additional documentation in support of his/her original application can be provided.

6. If the individual’s conduct with the college is non-satisfactory, the appeal will be refused automatically.

7. When an appeal is submitted, the Admissions Team will re-examine the individual’s application file, appeal request and other supporting documents and review the initial decision.

8. The individual may not need to meet the Admissions Team while the appeal is under process, unless being called for a meeting.

9. Individuals will be notified of the appeal outcome within seven working days from the date of appeal.

10. There is no guarantee that the appeal will result in the original decision being overturned.

11. If an appeal outcome is positive and falls after the course commencement of the respective intake, the applicant may need to wait for the next intake.

12. An appellant will be notified of the appeal decision formally, if a correspondence address has been provided in the appeal documentation.